On United Airlines, passengers with the same name and photo ID can board. Therefore, if you have accidentally written the wrong essentials of your name before boarding the flight, you need to know how to correct it. You can correct name differences in accordance with United Airlines Name Change Policy if any exist.

Highlights on United Airlines Misspelled Name on Ticket 

If you need to correct the wrong name on United Airlines airline tickets, wrong last name on United Airlines airline tickets, or complete name change scenarios, you must be aware that United Airlines only allows minor name changes. Essentially, the passenger cannot change their entire name or any part of it on the United ticket. 

A traveller has to abide by the following criteria to make corrections in their name:

  • United Airlines must operate the flight.
  • When United Airlines operates a code-share or interline route, name correction requests will be honoured on United’s part of the route. 
  • Ticket inventory should begin with 016.
  • A passenger is only allowed one reissue per ticket when doing a name correction on United’s ticket.
  • If a customer requests additional changes to the name on their United Airlines ticket, those edits will be considered a name change. Consequently, such additions will be subject to United Airlines’ name change policy. Therefore, the ticket price will increase.
  • According to United’s name change policy, no changes can be made to flight dates, times, fares, or base codes. 
  • Only minor changes to the passenger’s name are allowed, and those must match the government card. 
  • The passenger cannot modify his or her date of birth or gender with the request to change the name on the boarding pass. 
  • Changing the customer’s name and date of birth is subject to United Airlines’ policy. 
  • Travelers can only correct minor mistakes in their date of birth while making reservations. 

In the event that you wish to make further corrections to your United Airlines reservation, you will have to pay an additional fee to complete the changes. 

Types of United Airlines Name Correction Policy

A name change policy at United Airlines allows a passenger who mistakes the spelling of their name during reserving a ticket to eliminate the inconvenience. There are three categories of name changes. 

The following are three types of Name change policies under United Airlines:

Category 1 – Simple Modifications in a Name

The standard procedure will be followed to correct the passenger’s name on the ticket if it is incorrect. The United Airlines name correction policy states that simple mistakes on a reservation ticket don’t require documentation. This applies to spelling errors or a few letter errors only. 

Examples of simple name modifications are:

  • Incorrectly spelling the first name Charli and the last name Mathwe to Mathew, for example.
  • A reservation can be modified to or from a nickname, such as Ally to AL.
  • A ticket can be corrected by changing the prefix to Mrs or Mr. to Dr.
  • On a boarding pass, change the middle name from Elizabeth Richard Smith to Elizabeth R. Smith.

Category 2 – Significant Modifications in a Name

It is common for United airline reservations to change in marriage or divorce, where you are required to provide supporting documents. These changes are much more substantial than the simple ones. When you are married or divorced, you are required to provide supporting documents. Significant changes frequently occur in these instances. 

  • A passenger must present the following documents in order to change their name legally:
  • When divorcing, you must present the papers outlining the settlement. 
  • If you change your name after marriage, you must show a legal document supporting the change.
  • Changing your full name requires a government-issued document that shows both your old and new names. 

Category 3 – Affidavit with an Alternative Name

You may not have the legal documentation to support your name change. United Airlines’ name change policy allows customers to change their names by presenting an affidavit that contains an alternative name in such a case. The affidavit allows a passenger to change the name on their ticket. A traveller can also obtain a copy of their photo ID with the help of the affidavit.

It is likely that if your wrong name condition is not listed above, you will need to cancel your United flight and rebook. Read the United flight cancel policy and find out how your money can be refunded after you have rescheduled your flight. 

How to Change the Name on the Ticket under the United Airlines Name Correction Policy?

As a result, United Airlines provides numerous options when it comes to changing names on tickets. 

Following are the methods United Airlines allows you to change a name:

Method 1 – Name Change Via Affidavit

If a passenger is unable to present any legal documents to the concerned body, you must submit an affidavit requesting a name change on the boarding pass. If you wish to apply for a name change through this method, you will need a copy of an affidavit. In addition, you must send the notarized documents to the address given below:

Center of Service for MileagePlus, Postal Code 1394, 77251-1394 Houston, TX

Method 2 – Rectify Name Via Phone Call

There are times when a passenger needs to change their name on an urgent basis, and in such cases, a telephone call to the airline officials is most appropriate. A United Airlines agent will be able to assist you with name corrections on your ticket. When you dial the client service number, a representative will answer your call and take your request further. 

According to the information you provide and the policy regarding name changes, the representative will apply the necessary changes to your name. 

Method 3 – Alter Name Via Airport Visit

In order to obtain in-person assistance for changing your name, you will need to visit the airport. United Airlines will assist you in solving your issue. You can tell them about your problems when changing your name. The airline will let you know if they support modifying your name change. 

Moreover, the representative will provide you with information about United Airlines’ name correction policy. Therefore, you can go through the process and change your name.

Additionally, to the name change on tickets, United also allows customers to change flight dates, departure times, destinations, etc under its flight change policy. 

What To Do When You Discover United Airlines Misspelled Name On Boarding Pass At The Airport?

In case of a misspelled name on your United Airlines boarding pass, you should take the following steps:

· Approach United Airlines staff.

A United Airlines customer service agent or gate agent will help you resolve the problem effectively if your boarding pass contains a misspelled name. 

· Provide Legal Documentation

Your name must be spelled correctly on official identification documents, such as a valid passport. 

· Stay Calm and polite 

You should always remember that airline staff members are there to help you. Be courteous and keep your composure when dealing with them. By demonstrating a cooperative attitude, the United Airlines boarding pass can be corrected quickly. 

Can I Correct the United Airlines Misspelled Name On My Boarding Pass Online?

When you log in to your United Airlines account, you will find a self-serve feature called “Manage Reservations” that allows you to correct your boarding pass’s misspelled name. 

The steps below will show you how to correct the wrong name on United Airlines’ boarding pass.

  • First – Open United Airlines’ official website and navigate to the “My Trips” or “Manage Reservations” section.
  • Second – Log in with your booking confirmation number and last name. 
  • Third – Look for the booking details editing option. 
  • Fourthly, follow the instructions if you wish to correct a name correction on your ticket or boarding pass.
  • Fifth – Save all the changes and wait for airline confirmation. 

Note – Not all name corrections can be done online, especially in cases of significant changes or near departures. As a result, if United Airlines does not have the option to change your flight online or if the changes you need to make cannot be made online, you should contact United Airlines customer service. For assistance, you should also speak to the airport’s professional staff.

How to Minimize United Airlines Cost To Change Name On Ticket?

Changing your name on United Airlines is one of the most significant ways to reduce your cost. If you discover that there is a name error on your ticket, you should contact United Airlines’ customer service right away. You may be able to reduce your name change fee if you act quickly. 

If you don’t know the fare rules associated with your flight ticket, acting promptly in name change scenarios won’t make sense. Understanding these rules will help you make more informed decisions regarding correcting United Airlines’ misspelled name on your ticket. You can also reduce the United name change fee by finding ways to minimize it. 

Do I Need To Put My Middle Name on My United Airlines Ticket?

If you need to include your middle name on the ticket, it depends on United Airlines’ policy on Name Changes and the laws of the country in which you are about to land. 

To avoid potential security and check-in problems, it is generally recommended to write your name exactly as it appears on your passport on the ticket. Whenever you book your tickets, it is recommended that you add your middle name, if your passport/government-issued identification includes it. 

United Airlines Name Change Charges

In order to change the name on the ticket, a fee is charged. The fee is $75 if the name change is requested within 24 hours of booking. 

It will cost a customer $200 to make a change after 24 hours and two hours before the departure time.

How To Talk To The United Airlines Customer Service Agent About Name Change Concerns?

Customers with unforeseen difficulties can turn to United Airlines Customer Service for quick solutions. 

You can contact the airline using these methods: 

Method 1 – Via Phone Call

First, dial 1-800-864-8331 (the official number) or +1-800-865-1848 (the 24/7 United Airlines number for name changes).

  • Press 1 to select English as the second language 
  • Third – Press 3 to hear the IVR menu 
  • Fourth – Select the query you would like to run. 
  • Five – Press 9 and tell United Airlines you would like to speak with a real person”.
  • Sixth – United Airlines customer service can assist you with questions regarding mispelled names on boarding passes and tickets.

Method 2 – Via Chat 

In order to correct the United Airlines name error on your ticket, you will also be able to contact a live agent via chat. A dialogue box will appear on United Airlines’ official website if you click on the chat button. Enter your message in the box and send it. You will receive a response from United Air Carrier experts within a short period of time.  

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