If you are able to compromise on certain aspects of your flight such as flight class and departure date in order to score the best deal on your trip, then the Southwest Low Fare Calendar is for people like you. When paired with a Rapid Rewards account or credit card, customers are sure to save big when they use this calendar to book travel.

This tool ensures that you will always be getting the lowest prices Southwest has to offer on flights, but there is not a bottomless stash of dirt-cheap tickets. To make the most of this option, try to get to the Low Fare Calendar as soon as you possibly can when booking, and remember to be flexible. This tool most benefits those with wiggle room in their schedule and the foresight to book well in advance.

There are also a couple of tools on the Southwest site that make finding the cheapest fares easier. These are the “Map Search” and the “Flexible Dates” calendar.  These two are the best tools for how to find cheap flights on Southwest.

Southwest Flexible Dates Search

As an example, I’ll show you a search of Southwest Flight Dallas to Las Vegas.  No sales were going on when this was written, so I know cheaper routes can be found during one of Southwest’s big sales.

The search will provide a calendar with the lowest fares on each date for the cities selected. If you like the fare you see, highlight the date on the calendar and click continue near the bottom.

All the fares for the day should pop up, including the low fare indicated on the calendar.

Southwest Map Search Tool

The other low-cost search tool, the “Map Search” is great for finding the cheapest destinations for travel on specific dates. Stated another way, if you know when you want to go, but don’t know where the map search is for you!

Again, you can find the link to the map search function right on Southwest’s main page. From the search page, input the departing city and dates (or dates for one way) for the trip. Next, using the slider at the top right, set the dollar amount (or point amount) to your desired level. The map search tool will display all the cities you can travel to for your set amount or less.

By putting in the month you want to travel, you can see the cheapest days to both leaves and return on, making it easy to compare different travel periods. You can search by one-way, roundtrip, and even multi-city fares, as well as search by different fare types like the lowest possible rate, anytime fares (which are refundable and changeable), or Business Select.

“Whether they are looking to travel on certain days of the week or looking for the best prices across an entire month, we encourage customers to check out our Low Fare Calendar to find some of our lowest fare offerings,” the Southwest spokesman added.

The Low Fare Calendar also takes the guesswork out of paying with points by allowing you to search for a flight by how many Rapid Rewards points each ticket would cost. Plus, as of January 2020, you can get a Southwest Companion Pass after earning 125,000 points in a year.

And if you’re thinking of going somewhere but don’t know when to go, you can toggle between months to decide when the best, and least expensive, time to fly is.

A search of flights from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Charleston, South Carolina, for example, reveals a roundtrip flight for as low as $144 in November, which leaves more money to splurge on meals (Charleston is one of the best food cities in the country, after all).

The first step in going on a vacation is deciding to actually go, and the next step is often figuring out when to go and how much it will cost. So, on your next trip, use the Low Fare Calendar to take some of the uncertainty out of the equation.

Deals offered by the Airline during Low Fare Calendar Sale

Southwest Airlines is back with the exclusive fare sale, where passengers can avail flight tickets at the minimum cost possible.

  • Passengers will get the best deals during this sale, starting from $45 for a one-way trip. Depending upon the route and other factors, round-trip fares might fall to $89. Doesn’t that sound interesting? However, this offer is applicable on the shortest routes only.
  • This sale also includes offers at $49 for long route flights, and airfares increase depending upon the flight route.
  • Usually, Southwest Airlines’ low fare calendar sale is active twice a year. So, if you want to avail all the benefits and book tickets at low airfares, stay updated about ongoing sales and turn on notifications.
  • Airfares might fluctuate with the date of travel, that’s why the airline has released this sale so that passengers can have complete information about the recurring changes in airfare deals.
  • Now, the airfares of Southwest Airlines are very low, try to book flight tickets as early as possible to avoid any last-minute hassle.
  • If you want to travel internationally, book tickets in advance as the deals are limited. The airline is giving you the chance to book an international trip at the minimum fare.
  • If you have booked an itinerary during the sale, you are offered an excess baggage allowance.
  • If you are booking a ticket during the sale, you will be offered additional fares and lower airfares.

How To Use the Southwest Low Fare Calendar? 

To use the Southwest Low Fare Calendar, go to the page and follow these 6 steps:

  1. Fill in the Depart box
  2. Fill in the Depart Month
  3. Fill in the Arrive box
  4. Fill in the Arrive Month
  5. Fill in the number of passengers
  6. Click Search

Once you fill in your dates, you will see all the dates of the month and their fares. or call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-888-6660-1594).

Southwest Low Fare Calendar Restrictions

There are some restrictions with Southwest fares that you need to know about. Here are some of the major ones.

  • Until purchased, all fares are subject to change.
  • The fares don’t apply to multiple persons (there may be only one flight left at a particular price).
  • “Unavailable” indicates the corresponding fare is unavailable for the selected dates.
  • “Sold Out” indicates that Southwest has no more seats in the particular fare type.
  • “Invalid w/ Depart or Return Dates” indicates that Southwest can’t return a valid itinerary option(s) with the search criteria submitted.

To make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your Southwest flight, head straight to the Southwest Low Fare Calendar. This calendar allows you to search month by month, quickly showing you the dates with the cheapest fares. Just look for the Low Fare Calendar option on Southwest’s homepage.


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