Air travel is good and convenient. But this happens sometimes with the passengers when their flight gets canceled. This often happens due to heavy rains in monsoons or heavy fog in winter. On such occasions, the flight is canceled without taking much risk, after which the passengers have to return to their homes. In such a situation, the passengers have to face trouble.

Well, technically you don’t get a refund back. But that’s because you never actually paid anything to begin with. Instead, you were issued a voucher that could be used to book a flight at a later date. The voucher is only good for one year, and if you don’t use it within that time frame, it expires. But even if your voucher expires, the airline will still honor it for up to two years after its expiration date.

So if your flight gets canceled due to fog, call the airline immediately and ask them what they can do for you!

What does the airline do for the passengers in this situation? Do you get the refund back?

Airlines have their own rules regarding the cancellation, which are hardly known to people. So let us tell you how and from where you should buy tickets and how to pay for refunds easily.

  • The short answer is yes, you will get a refund if your flight is canceled due to fog.
  • The longer answer is: it depends on what airline you’re flying with, and sometimes even where you are.
    • The reasons for this are complicated and vary from airline to airline. For example, some airlines will only refund your money if you have booked the flight through their website or app; others will only give refunds in cash.
    • If you have purchased an e-ticket from an airline, another thing to be aware of is that some airlines will not refund the entire cost of your ticket—they’ll only refund what they call “the value” of that ticket. This can mean that if your original $1,000 fare was discounted by $100 when you made your purchase (which is often how airlines do it), and then the flight gets canceled due to fog, they’ll only give you back $900 instead of $1,000.
    • In those cases where the airline does only give you back the value of your fare—and not the full amount—you should be able to make up for any difference by using frequent flyer miles or another discount program offered by that airline.

If you’re wondering about getting a refund for your flight if it gets canceled due to fog, then we’ve got some good news for you!

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, refunds are available when a flight is canceled due to weather conditions. If a flight is delayed or diverted due to weather, however, the airline does not have to give you a refund.

The DOT also recommends that if you have an upcoming trip and want to know if your flight will be affected by fog, check with your airline before heading to the airport.

Which ticket to buy

Zero cancellation It is better if you buy tickets with zero cancellation fee. Airlines levy minimal surcharges so that you can cancel your ticket without any extra charges.

Flexi fare Benefits like date change, pay later option, or cancellation refund are available with the Flexi fare ticket.

Refundable – Refundable can get back the base price. Still, some money will have to be lost.

Do something like this, book a full train coach for the wedding, the relatives are happy and you will not have to pay extra money either.

Book a ticket through the airline

If you book tickets through direct airlines, then adjusting the plan becomes very easy. Some airlines are offering facilities like zero cancellation and zero fees. If you are booking tickets through any third party, they will charge service charges and you will never get your full money back.

After knowing why X is written on the rear compartment of the train, we will say… till date why we did not know this thing!

Wait till the last minute to cancel the ticket.

Don’t be in a hurry to cancel the ticket. Wait till the last minute. This is because when you call to cancel on your own, the airlines are not responsible for getting the money back. However, if the airline itself declares the flight late or canceled, you can easily get your money back.

Say ‘servant’, you can’t do these 5 behaviors with an air hostess, otherwise, you will be thrown out of the flight

A change in timetable means a full refund

Every airline has its own policy on changes in timetables. Some airlines issue refund vouchers if you want to cancel your ticket. While other airlines give full fare back.

Non-refundable tickets can be refundable –

If a flight is canceled, delayed, or rescheduled before takeoff, you can get a full refund on a non-refundable fare.

Where to complain

According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, if the passenger does not comply with the criteria given in the charter, the passenger must first complain to the airline’s help desk or email. If passengers are not satisfied with the resolution provided by the airline. I have not tried but this website helps harried passengers get their refund. Of course, for a fee. The company also has a Refund Pass that offers protection to passengers against flight cancellation and delays.

via Check other Airlines Cancellation Policies

Delta Cancellation Policy, United Cancellation Policy, American Airlines Cancellation Policy, Southwest Cancellation Policy, or more Know your rights in the event of flight delays and cancellation: According to, at the time of booking, the airline must clearly ‘indicate’ the amount of refund money that will be given to passengers in case of cancellation. The charter states:

  • If any passenger is denied boarding due to over-booking of a flight, the passenger would not be liable to hold the airline for compensation if he or she is given an alternate flight within one hour of the original flight’s departure.If the flyer is not informed 24 hours before departure or she misses a connecting flight due to cancellation, the airline has to offer compensationIf a flight is delayed by over six hours, the airline needs to communicate the rescheduled time more than 24 hours before the original departure time. The airline also needs to offer customers either a full refund or an alternative flight.Airlines need to inform passengers about flight cancellations 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. In this case, the customers should be offered either a full refund of the ticket amount or an alternative flight.If the flyer is not informed 24 hours before departure or she misses a connecting flight due to cancellation, the airline has to offer compensation. The compensation amount ranges between ₹5,000 and ₹10,000, depending on the block time.The airline will have no obligation to pay ‘compensation’ if a delay or cancellation happens due to circumstances beyond the control of the airline. These include political instability, natural disaster, riots, floods, government regulations, meteorological conditions, security risks, and so on.A passenger has the right to receive a refund of statutory taxes, user development, and passenger service fees levied by the airlines in case s/he cancels the ticket. The right to refund will be subject to the airlines’ internal policy in case of a foreign airline.

Originally published at on December 29, 2022


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