American Airlines Name Change Policy must be easy to understand as one of the largest airlines. To satisfy their passengers, American Airlines provides a clear explanation of their name change policy. We have provided almost all the information you will need about American Airlines’ name change policy in this article.

American Airlines Name Change Policy includes the following points:

  • In case of a typo or misspelling of a passenger’s name, American Airlines customer service is available to correct it.
  • The current reservation will be canceled and a new one will be made. Furthermore, any fees associated with the change or cancellation will be your responsibility.
  • American Airlines allows name changes under certain circumstances, such as marriage or divorce, gender reassignment, death, or military orders.
  • In order to change your name, you’ll need valid documentation to support your decision, such as a divorce or marriage certificate, a legal document showing gender reassignment, or a military order.
  • There are different prices for name changes depending on the type of fare you purchased, the location, and the time of the change.
  • If you want to make a minor change to your airline ticket, American Airlines doesn’t charge any fees. And you can change it easily. You can go to their website, find your reservation, and update it.
  • Normally, if the changes are significant, there will be a fee of $20-25, plus a correction fee of $200 for domestic reservations and $700 for international reservations.

A policy for the correction of names at American Airlines

The American Airlines Name Correction Policy differs from the rest in that it categorizes name changes and corrections into two groups according to travel plans. There are two types of name corrections, Minor and Major, that deal with similar types of requests, the only difference being that they relate to two separate itineraries. In this article, we will examine the different types of name-change and correction requests within each of these categories, as well as the guidelines pertaining to each.

There are different types of name changes/corrections

There are six types of name-change and correction requests that American Airlines accepts on tickets. Let’s examine each of them in detail.

1. Last name correction

In accordance with the American Airlines Name Correction Policy, the number of characters that can be corrected at a time cannot be limited. Passengers may request any modification to their last name involving a change in one or more characters. For example, JONSON can be changed to JOHNSON or GOZALLEZ can be changed to GONZALEZ. Under this policy, passengers can also request the removal of prefixes or suffixes from their last names, such as GOODING JR.

2. First name correction

A name change policy from American Airlines permits not only the addition or removal of characters from the first name, but also the modification of the name completely. For example, you can change the name from a nickname to a full name or vice versa. For example, BOB can be changed to ROBERT or ROBERT can be changed to BOB. Additionally, the name change policy accepts requests for first names that are completely different from the tickets’ original first names, such as DEMI being changed to VIVIAN and PAULA being changed to Carla. In such cases, the last names must be the same.

3. Adding or removing a second last name

The second last name may be added or deleted by passengers to match Government-issued ID proofs, such as GONZALEZ to PEREZ GONZALEZ or PEREZ VALENZUELA to VALENZUELA.

4. Changing one’s last name completely

In the event of any of the life events listed below, American Airlines allows passengers to change their last name.

  1. A. Marriage
  2. B. A divorce.
  3. C. an adoption

In this case, legal documents supporting a name change request are the only requirement.

5. Addition or removal of the middle name

It is not mandatory to include a middle name or an abbreviated version of it on an American Airlines flight ticket. Therefore, the name correction policy allows passengers to add or remove middle names from their American Airlines tickets without any hassles.

6. Inverted names should be corrected

If a passenger’s first and last name have been spelled incorrectly on a ticket, they can make corrections. An American Airlines passenger need not correct his name from ADKINS ROBERT to ROBERT ADKINS.

After learning about the most common types of name corrections and changes requested by passengers, let’s look at the two broad categories of name changes in more detail.

  • A minor name correction: If the travellers made a mistake. The airline does not charge additional fees for such corrections. It is also important to note that such changes must be made within 24 hours of booking the ticket. American Airlines and American Eagle are the only airlines that provide this feature.
  • In order to make this correction, airlines required codeshare flight segments and R inventory. Since changing the previous or existing PNR number is not permissible, a new PNR number was required.

American Airlines: Correcting names on bookings

If you are aware of the policies, follow these steps to rectify name errors:

  1. American Airlines’ official website can be found at
  2. Access the “Bookings” section by logging into your account.
  3. To access your flight details, enter your booking ID and PNR number (except for American Prime and American Eagle tickets).
  4. Change your name on American Airlines by selecting “Modify Flight Details.”.
  5. Correct the passenger’s name by selecting it.
  6. Correct any errors and proceed to the payment processing page (if applicable).

For guidance on guided name correction, American Prime and American Eagle ticket holders should contact the support team.

Does American Airlines charge a change fee for name corrections?

Name correction fees at American Airlines are as follows:

  1. If you need to make a minor name correction to your ticket, you won’t be charged any change fees.
  2. Passengers with refundable tickets are charged a $25 name change fee for major name corrections.
  3. In addition, domestic and international travel fees for name changes are $200 and $700, respectively.

A ticket can be transferred to another person with American Airlines

When it comes to American Airlines, changing your name to another person’s name isn’t possible after the ticket is booked. When discussing airline policy, there is a difference between a name change and a name correction. The majority of airlines will let you change your name for free, but if you change your surname, you may have to pay a correction fee. Changing your surname, however, isn’t permitted.

It is not possible to transfer your ticket to someone else’s name as per airline safety policies. If you wish to do so, contact the airline in order to determine if it is allowed.

In this case, one practical solution is to cancel your ticket as soon as possible so you won’t be charged a high cancellation fee. Then book a new ticket using the person’s name. It may cost you a few dollars, but it will save you the hassle of contacting airlines and getting tickets.

How to change a name on an American Airlines ticket in different ways?

One of the most advanced airlines in the US, American Airlines utilizes modern technology to meet the needs of its customers. The airline has been leading the way in introducing various technology-induced methods for quick customer assistance, whether it is a simple name correction or a complex name change. A number of channels have been established for passengers to edit their name on their American Airlines tickets, whether it is a simple name correction or a complex name change. Below are more details.

Name change/correction on the website

Visit the American Airlines homepage by entering the URL, Log in using your passenger credentials by clicking “My Reservations”. Identify yourself as your PNR or customer reference number. Click the “Change Flights” button under “American Airlines Reservations”. In the absence of a name change or correction button on your American Airlines ticket, you are unlikely to be able to do so online. By clicking on the edit button, you can change or correct your name.

You can correct your name by calling American Airlines’ helpline

The airline has multiple helpline numbers to assist passengers with their queries. Dial the correct number, follow the IVR, and speak to an airline representative about changing or correcting your name.

Using social media platforms to change your name

Engaging customers through social media is a great way to build relationships. By providing instant customer support on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp, businesses can not only interact live with their target audience but also create happier customers. If passengers contact American Airlines via any of their social media handles, they can expect a quicker resolution to their name change queries.

By chatting live with agents, you can correct your name

The best way to get your name corrected on an American Airlines ticket, or to get your name changed in real-time, is to chat with an agent. In order to initiate live chat, passengers need to log in to the website, click on the live chat icon, and type in their questions into the chatbox. Customers typically receive assistance from live agents in real-time, so response times are usually very short.

Changing or correcting your name via email

A name change or correction request sent via e-mail to the American Airlines customer support team can be a good idea at times, especially if you cannot follow other methods for whatever reason. Even if it isn’t as effective as the other direct methods mentioned above.

Changing or correcting your name at the airport

If you prefer to meet an American Airlines representative in person to get your name changed or corrected on your ticket, then visiting your nearest airport is the best way to do it. There is only one drawback to this method: it requires a great deal of effort and time.


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